Aliases The Lone Chimpus
Birthplace "Canada"
Date of Birth Aug. 17
Age Depends on the game
Family Mother: Deaf
Father: Satan
Affiliations Club Rat
Species Ocelot
Occupation Sim 4 God
Rank Major
Abilities Garfield Manifestation
Weapon Colt Single Action Army
Unique Trait Being cursed by the Cult of Dionysus;
Goals Fuck Gin's sons

Adam is a funny little cat with a funny little hat and a taste for DILF and MILF flesh alike.


Imagine someone very short. Now subtract an inch. Now give him a mullet. Now give him a knife.


Adam is a sick fuck with a big truck. Just kidding he can't drive. He would do anything for his babycat, Draco, and Draco's mommycat, Bean. He loves to make MILF OCs in the Sims, which I am going to have sex with.


Gin - Epic writing buddies :D Together, their collection of Sims 4 CC would make a lesser man's computer scream in pain.

Vinny - Fellow mantit appreciator. Responsible for each others' insanity. Adam has been sneaking human meatballs into his spaghetti for years.

Luci - While not biologically her father, is responsible for growing her from a chimp to a human in one of his freak (possibly satanic) experiments.

Eddie - Ugh, fucking gay people. They have a problematic (14 hour) age difference.


Birthing Cirice, Helena; impregnating Dwight Fairfield; turning Michael Jackson white; causing 9/11 (collaborated with Luci.)