Aliases Certainly not Damon
Birthplace New California Republic
Date of Birth Oct. 5 (not as nice a number as Oct. 6)
Age Baby
Family Father: Koala
Mother: Tapeworm
Affiliations Club Rat
Saudi Arabian Government
Species Ouma
Occupation Jester
Rank SSR
Abilities Activating all her syndromes at once
Weapon Blood tears
Unique Trait Crunching into the microphone
Goals Pussy
Absorb Jimmy Urine
Win a Jackbox game

Luci is a menace to society and a blessing to humanity. We are slowly losing her to the Ouma Virus.


Luci is an anime character in the real life. Her hair color changes every once in a while, not because she dyes or bleaches it, but because she is just that powerful. She can often be seen wearing kandi bracelets which contain praises for OJ Simpson.


She is a sweet little creature, but knows no fear. One should exercise caution when bringing rodents/polecats/small marsupials within her line of sight.


Gin - Strong bond from throwing it back together. Shouldn't be left alone together for extended periods of time, lest mischief or apocalyptic events ensue.

Vinny - Most likely to sandbag each other in Dead by Daylight. Most likely to cause foot-related mayhem when together. Living tiktok duet.

Danny - Have achieved telepathic communication through large-scale maryjuana consumption. Each others' white savior.


Making cute and/or silly videos; shopping on Aliexpress; occasionally getting Cinnamon to let her touch him; drawing Spider Gus; creating Taigas; being epic.