Aliases Faguette
Birthplace My backyard
Date of Birth April 8
Age Ancient
Family Loud-coughing grandma
Affiliations Club Rat
Jojo cosplay groups
Species Italian
Occupation Fucking peoples' shit up (future stylist)
Former Olive Garden employee
Rank Hitman
Abilities Throwing the shack pallet
Bullying Chase
Horror writing
Weapon Wooden spoon
Unique Trait Clout
Goals Lick Melone's asshole

Vinny is the general manager of Club Rat. They are the sole reason why we have not all yet been arrested.


Vinny changes their hair color often and dresses like a massive homosexual. Gin's mom refers to them as her "really pretty friend who she met once."


If they killed a man, the cops would not arrest them, because they would like them too much. Vinny is one of the least racist people I know, but one of the most homophobic. They are a valued Rat even if they are mean to me and makes me cry by telling me to "shut up" when I burp loudly into the mic and that I am "bad at Dead by Daylight."


Gin - Both most likely to throw the game for no reason other than spite. They have me on a leash in their backyard and are only feeding me pellets once a day please help this is a legitimate cry for help pleas

Danny - They live near each other and have known each other forever and so I imagine they have robbed many banks together.

Luci - Most likely to sandbag each other in Dead by Daylight. Most likely to cause foot-related mayhem when together. Living tiktok duet.


Always making something cool in the drawesome while everyone else is being evil; going to booty school; made a really big Scarlet Devil Mansion in Minecraft; created many an epic cosplay; manufactured coronavirus