Aliases Fredward
Birthplace Inbetween some lines of code
Date of Birth Aug. 17
Age Elder God
Family Many cats
Affiliations Club Rat
Species Furry
Occupation Gamer
Rank 1
Abilities 360ing the killer
Weapon Decisive Strike
Unique Trait Liking horses
Goals Stack as many frogs atop each other as he can

Danny is a funny little microbe. Scientifically, he is perfect; there is nothing wrong with him.


He has a very friendly face and fluffy hair. His eyes are always red and his pupils are dilated for no particular reason...


An epic gamer with maximum skills. Danny will disappear and then reappear only to post a completely random video in the chat. He is very friendly, but do not get on his bad side or he will team up with Gin to send you pictures of people shitting.


Gin - Their epic fursonas put them a tier above the rest of society. Both most likely to fuck up their sleep schedules by watching dog grooming videos for hours on end.

Luci - Have achieved telepathic communication through large-scale maryjuana consumption. Each others' white savior.

Vinny - They live near each other and have known each other forever and so I imagine they have robbed many banks together.


360 noscoped God; can roll his Rs; WHARRGARBL; has every fucking cookie run skin i want fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you