Dead in Desert Bleak


Dead in Desert Bleak is an unfinished writing project created by Gin. It is told from a third-person limited perspective and contains elements of fantasy, drama, and horror. Every aspect of characters or events detailed within this wiki should not be considered "canon," as Dead in Desert Bleak is constantly undergoing revisions.

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Walker Madison was born into the Bahutha, a cult that worships the dormant Old God Atar and practices demonic magic. The current Watchman- Atar's corporeal husk- is dying, and Walker's unborn baby is chosen to replace it. When the birth of this corrupted child results in the death of his wife, Walker takes it personally. Initially on a mindless rampage to rescue his daughter from her accursed fate, Walker is approached by a shady figure named Coyote, who offers an alternate solution: kill Atar.

Coyote's plan is to acquire three legendary eyes of the Old Gods, which contain potentially apocalyptic levels of power when combined. The demonic blood within Walker would allow him to channel that power and banish Atar into the ethereal plane. Walker and Coyote decide to work together towards this goal, and so begins the demented road trip that is Dead in Desert Bleak.

As it turns out, the evil presence of Atar and his cult are the least of Walker or Coyote's problems, and their personal dramas often come to the forefront during their god-killing quest.


Major Characters

  • Walker Madison - A Hollow from the Bahutha.
  • Coyote - The contractor for an interdimensional gift shop.
  • Delia - Walker's baby daughter who was chosen to become the next Watchman.

    Secondary Characters

  • Julie Anne Verkamp - A witch who researches Mud Beasts.
  • Fate - A fairy who Coyote is contractually indebted to.
  • Grand Haldeman - A Grand Apostle for the Bahutha; Walker's former superior.
  • Leah - A powerful Party and bartender for the Mystery Loft.
  • Elaine - A melancholy botanist who died while birthing Delia.
  • Bestiary

    The setting of Dead in Desert Bleak is that of the real world, aside from the obscure presence of demons. A demon is comprised from the leftover souls of mortals which linger in higher dimensions upon death.

    Types of Demon

  • Lux - A skittish demon that mimicks the characteristics of animals.
  • Apparition - Formed from the energy of flora and the earth itself.
  • Mud Beast - A corrupted demon with psychic abilities and an obsession with humans.

    Demonic Entities

  • Hollow - A Bahut who has appropriated the essence of a demon.
  • Fairy - The rare hybrid of Mud Beast and human.
  • Party - A human possessed by a Mud Beast.
  • Familiar - An animal possessed by a Lux; typically a witch's companion.
  • Trivia

  • The first draft of Dead in Desert Bleak was an incomplete screenplay with a plot surrounding memory loss. While there were paranormal elements, there was no mention of demons and the story was unrecognizable compared to what it is today.