Aliases Vince
Pussy Annihilator
Birthplace Hell
Date of Birth 04/13 (the homestuck day)
Age 14
Family his mom is a milf
Affiliations edgy mogeko undertale kin friend group
Species cabbage
Occupation sexy porno cop
Rank footlicker
Abilities edginess
Weapon Autism
Unique Trait heterosexuality
Goal to rid the world of bitches and whores

Vincent is basically the main character of this whole friend group.


Not much is known about Vincent's backstory. Apparently, he's had, like, 800 girlfriends and they were all crazy bitches. Also, his old friend group was edgy as shit and were all Homestuck kin. I know because I talked to one, and she said she killed her guinea pigs and blamed it on her ASPD. What the fuck, Vincent. Also, Joel was there.