Lux Witch


Witches who involve Lux demons in their spells fall under the label of a Lux Witch. Most of these witches live in traditional covens and reject the invocation of Mud Beasts.


A potent aura is what allows one to manipulate nature and demons to their will. Those who possess this distinction are witches, but the majority are unaware of their talents. The abilities of most witches are cultivated within covens that have existed since the art was first practiced. These covens tend to share very strict regulations about how to properly interact with demons- including never to fool around with Mud Beasts, and that attempting to wake an Apparition would be a disastrous mistake.

Witches have existed ever since humans and demons first discovered each other, but the craft is still shrouded in mystery. There is a long list of obscurities within the field, and only so many active witches out there to uncover them. The limitations placed upon coven research are a factor in this lack of collective knowledge. Some witches practice outside of covens, however: including Julie Anne, member of the powerful Verkamp family, a leading force in the field of witchcraft and demonic research at large. The Bahutha also has its own league of witches called Yunen who incorporate Mud Beasts as well as Lux into their rituals. Yunen are only dedicated towards prayer, though, and have little to contribute to the world of Lux witchcraft.

Nearly all practicing witches live in or around farms due to the animal sacrifices that are required for Lux summonings. Nine out of ten witches are women; the reasons behind this are not entirely understood, but controversial theories about female energy are popular.