The Verkamps


The Verkamp family is a collection of scholars who have been studying demons for just as long as the ancient Bahutha cult.

Background & Involvement

Every Verkamp woman in the history of the bloodline has been a witch- an unprecedented anomaly in the world of the occult. The men, on the other hand, tend to be the breadwinners and farmkeeps, providing plenty of sacrifices for use in Lux summoning.

The Verkamps differ from the traditional Lux Covens in that they do not share their knowledge with any other occult practitioners and use more risky methods in collecting information from Lux demons. The Bahutha is highly threatened by their presence, given their secretive, groundbreaking research in the field of witchcraft. Every generation of Verkamp witches are also noticeably more powerful in aura than the average.

The Verkamps live in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. The greater estate houses about thirty family members. Julie Anne is the black sheep of the family who wishes to expand Verkamps' experiments onto Mud Beasts and Apparitions at the expense of their safety.