A relic, in the context of Dead in Desert Bleak, refers to an item extracted from the body of a demon that is imbued with its magical powers.

Named Relics

    Atar's Trophies
  • Eye of Asag/Uzuk/Lama: The eyes of the betrayed Old Gods. They fester with rancor.
  • Atar's phylactery: Atar's own eye. The final gift to his kin before Atar descended into the Abscess, the phylactery contains a spell to channel the power of all four eyes.
    Witches' Essentials
  • Lux veins: The veins of a Lux demon. Will erase a person's memory entirely until metabolized.
  • Awakened dust: Ash left over at the site of an Apparition awakening event. A lick of it will permanently grant aura-sight.
  • Crystal ball: The eyes a Lux. Allows one to see indiscriminately into moments of the future.
  • Pulse branch: A twig from a tree that's been affected by an Apparition will act as a projector for existing demonic relics. In other words, it is like a wand.