Nicole is the twice-dead childhood friend of Coyote. She was resurrected by the eye of Uzuk and lived as a zombie for ten years.



Walker only got to see her decaying body, but Nicole had very long black hair and a large floral tattoo on her thigh. Apparently, she was Vietnamese-American.

Background & Personality

Once a teenager, Nicole had already begun to experiment with heroin and alcohol, and Coyote followed suit. Her friend group's spot in the woods where they would hang out and share drugs was where she fell down the well and died. Unfortunately, she woke up after her body had already been claimed by worms, blind in one eye due to the invasive eye of Uzuk. She was taken out of the well by a bunch of little girls who turn out to be witches from a nearby coven who were playing with the eye and dropped it down the well, not understanding the significance behind the relic. The High Priestess of the coven debated whether or not to kill Nicole again before deciding it would be immoral. Instead, she made Nicole a maid-servant, magically binding her to the coven farmgrounds and forbidding her from suicide. Nicole was not yet too miserable, but she quickly discovered she could not heal from injuries or eat food, and the witches did not care for her wellbeing as much as how valuable she was as a test subject. This state of being caused Nicole constant pain, and so from then on, she begged Coyote to kill her, but this only drove Coyote away and his visits waned in frequency.

Nicole's magic eye is finally removed to revive a little witch girl who passed away, finally relieving her from a torturous existence, but she always wanted to be held by her best friend in her dying moments.



Years before Nicole fell down the well, she and Coyote made a drunken promise. "No matter what happens, even if we get in a big fight, don't ever leave me," is what she said; "I don't want to ever be alone." Nicole would become hysterical and confused and angry every time Coyote would visit, then leave.


  • Prior to revisions, Nicole played a much larger role in the plot and was intended to live throughout. Sorry, Nicole.