Mud Beast


A Mud Beast is a corrupted Lux demon with mind-altering abilities. They are overwhelmed by human desire to the point of madness. Mud Beasts are exclusively malicious, as they take every opportunity to satisfy their sinful fixations, typically at the expense of humans.

A/N: In the actual manuscript, the name "Mud Beast" has been changed to "the Dreaded," but I would need to edit every page on this wiki to reflect this, which I am currently too lazy to do.


Mud Beasts are sadistic in nature, feeding off of disease and distress. They are also fascinated by the human psyche and are known to devour dreams and marvel at the taboo.

When made manifest, Mud Beasts approximate vermiform bugs in form, presumably due to their simplistic biology and prehistoric presence on Earth. However, they are much larger, and parts of their bodies may approximate human anatomy as well.

In exchange for a fitting sacrifice, Mud Beasts may be given the power to manifest and offer their abilities to humans. They can alter the body and mind of a person, so they are commonly summoned for purposes like necromancy, curing (or instilling) disease, or imbuing intellect. Mud Beasts will always take the opportunity to leech off of those who summon them, though, so dealing with them is an extremely dangerous endeavor. Since the people of the Bahutha were born from the ancient Mud Beast Atar, they have a natural aptitude for working with Mud Beasts.

The name "Mud Beast" originates from the legend of the Old God Asag, in which he created vessels for his offspring out of the earth. The Bahutha formally refer to Mud Beasts as Whu.