Leah is a Party and bartender at the Mystery Loft, a popular hangout for the possessed. Though she's understood to be extremely powerful, she prefers not to display this, as she finds her fun in playing games with humans rather than harming them.



Leah's true form is unknown, but she currently assumes the body of a young teenager. She is described as having small eyes which sit far apart like those of a pit bull, and her black hair is usually pulled into sleek twintails. A trenchcoat and tall boots accompany most of her outfits.


Not much is known of Leah's past, but it is implied that she is an Old God or similar, as she is eager to help Walker and Coyote kill Atar, citing that she "can't wait" to take his place one day. She has worked at the Mystery Loft for at least five years. She specializes in brewing a hallucinogenic cocktail, the ingredients of which she refuses to divulge.


Leah refers to herself as cute and plays up her innocent appearance in a joking manner, but she has a legitimate beguiling effect on human visitors that wears off when they are no longer around her. Even if they have an iron will and are knowledgable about her nature, a human will soon find themselves interacting with her as if she is a regular child. She discusses fatal topics and her shopping escapades all in the same carefree tone. Frequent customers and fellow employees of the Mystery Loft are intimidated by her, with one remarking that once Leah shows up, the place becomes her playpen.

If a human walks into the bar, Leah will do everything she can to rope them into a game. She derives her personal entertainment from setting comical stakes on these games- usually one of cards or chess. Otherwise, Leah will use the opportunity to win jewelry for her hoard, pointing towards a fixation on sparkly things. Though Mud Beasts typically resort to trickery, Leah believes it would be no fun to cheat. She is simultaneously a sore loser, but since her theatrics dominate whatever actual personality is underneath, she may be exaggerating her irritation.


Dead in Desert Bleak

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Leah helps Walker and Coyote find the eye of Lama by wearing Atar's phylactery and drinking a strange sludge which submerges her in a week-long dream. She awakes having envisioned the betrayal of Lama, the location of which coincides with a secluded Bahut village.


Walker Madison

Parties have always been wary of the Bahutha since they preach that the possessed are abominations who must be culled. Leah is passive-aggressive towards Walker at first and keeps a close eye on him, but once she recognizes that he is no threat, she is compelled to be a part of his entertaining escapade.


Coyote is one of Leah's favorite humans to toy with since he is a challenging opponent at most card games, and shameless enough to go along with her losing terms.


The way in which Leah speaks to Buffy is straightforward with no indication of her normal childlike act, while Buffy shows none of the fear that other Parties display when in Leah's presence. Buffy can also be seen, for example, carrying Leah and spinning her around, indicating a friendship between the two.