Julie Anne Verkamp


Julie is a witch and the wildcard of the Verkamp family. She has a dangerous fascination with Mud Beasts.



Julie has short black hair that curls around her face. Her shoulders are broad, her eyes are light grey, and she has thin lips. Her body is suntanned and scarred with many sigils. She can be seen wearing overalls or jeans, as well as plain or plaid shirts- unless she is resting around her house, in which case she's got her handmade nightgown.


Julie was the youngest of her large family before she had twin children of her own. She was excommunicated from the greater Verkamp estate due to her risky practices involving Mud Beasts, but still lives in the same cul-de-sac.


Julie finds that her family is lagging too far behind the Bahutha's knowledge of Mud Beasts, and that such ignorance could endanger them. She maintains that the Verkamp family must remain paramount in the field of demonic knowledge and often puts herself or others in jeopardy for the sake of research. This behavior is the reason why she lives in a separate house from the majority of the Verkamps. Julie also is personally mesmerized by how Mud Beasts are formed and operate. She is confident that her knowledge and talents in the art of witchcraft will protect her from the negative effects associated with studying psychic demons, and that she can discover a foolproof method for non-Bahut humans and Mud Beasts to interact. She is innately curious and seems to get her kicks from toying with the unknown.

Julie is a very good liar who is okay with dismissing certain morals or the disapproval of her family to get what she wants. Her language is unexpectedly vulgar, given her "sweet voice." Though she cares for her children, she acknowledges the responsibilities of the Verkamp family and encourages them to research demons. She expresses respect for the animals she must sacrifice for her experiments.

Julie loves working on the farm and exercise. Her house is always clean and antique in styling. The dishes she prepares for her guests are extravagant in presentation, but they don't taste very good.


Dead in Desert Bleak

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Julie is visited by Walker, who needs help suppressing his aura to hide from the Bahutha. In return, Walker helps Julie to summon a Mud Beast for the harvesting of a relic. She also seems to be disturbed by anomalies which have been occuring in the forest surrounding her house, but does not involve Walker in solving them for the time being.


Walker Madison

Julie wishes her husband was more adventurous like Walker. They admire each other's abilities and strong personalities, but acknowledge that they would be too chaotic of a force if left together for too long, and so they go their separate ways, only reuniting in times of necessity.


There is nothing Julie and Coyote like about each other. Julie dislikes Coyote for his closed-mindedness and the way he disrespects her, her house, and her family. Coyote despises her for carelessness in toying with Mud Beasts, as opposed to the comparatively benign Lux demons that witches typically study.

The Verkamp Family

Julie's children seem to be intimidated by her. Her parents and siblings believe that Julie's plans are fraught with danger, but since they cannot dissuade her, they do everything they can to ensure her plans do not turn out in disaster. Julie is headstrong and gets into arguments about the family's wellbeing often.


  • Julie's familiar is a sheepdog who she named Trash.