Grand Haldeman


Haldeman was a Grand Apostle of the Bahutha and Walker's former supervisor.



Haldeman was an "unnecessarily muscular" bald man with the characteristic white skin and black eyes of a Bahut. Walker has never seen him out of a pale blue suit and tie or ceremonial robes. In the later years of his life, he developed a limp and leaned against a collection of sharp canes.


Above all else, Haldeman was an enforcer and used intimidation to make sure all his pupils toed the line under any means necessary. He would also grant special treatment and lavish privileges to those who he personally found potential in- but not consistently. Haldeman would bend rules for his favorites one day, only to administer discipline with tenfold the fury the next time. His method of "give and take" exhausted the emotions of those who would resist him while also scarring the victims of it permanently.

Background & Involvement

Dead in Desert Bleak

Haldeman intercepts Walker and Coyote outside of the Mystery Loft with a crew of other Bahuts, where he commands a Kether to collect them. The Kether manipulates Walker and Coyote's blood so they pass out. Walker wakes up in his childhood temple bedroom with Haldeman sitting at his bedside; Walker panics at the sight of him. Haldeman expresses disappointment in Walker but offers him a chance to rejoin the Bahutha because he was "always his favorite." Walker is confined to the bedroom for the next week; each day, a bone or tooth is removed as repentance. Eventually he is let into the worship hall where he is presented to the same Kether and a worse-for-wear Coyote. The ultimatum he is given to be let back into the Bahutha is to kill Coyote and let the Kether eat his memories. Walker instead kills the Kether and Haldeman, leaving with Coyote and a gaggle of girls who were preparing to become Yunen that day.



Given how Haldeman has known Walker for his entire life, there are few who know him better. Haldeman uses this information to mistreat him throughout his entire life, up until the point that Walker kills him. However, Haldeman was the only person besides Elaine who Walker ever formed a familial relationship with, and he ends up being the only victim of Walker who he sheds tears over killing.