A fairy who enjoys collecting and studying demonic oddities and relics, Fate is the owner of a strange "gift shop" and the employer of Coyote.



Fate normally presents as a very short man with pointed ears, large black eyes, and dark skin. Though his face looks young, Fate has white hair, which he claims is due to old age. He is rarely seen wearing anything other than comfortable robes.

When unobstructed by magical alteration, Fate has a small set of beetle wings, antenna-like growths sticking out from his head, and his skin has a slight mauve tinge. His eyes are much larger than his falsified form, completely black without eyelids. His body is covered in chitinous plates and is overall insectoid.


Fate manages a shop in which he sells the typical obscurities found in an oddity shop. In the back room, he has a secret inventory of demonic items and knowledge, from which he will offer in exchange for a favor or more interesting artifact. He also has a side-schtick of offering sigil tattoos, using his own hemolymph as ink. These tattoos have various beneficial guarantees, such as protection from spiritual interference, good sleep, or aura sensitivity. Little is known about Fate or how he came to manage his shop, but it is implied that he has had many previous contractors before Coyote came along.

Fate employed Coyote as a collector of occult goods in exchange for a resurrection. Fate bound Coyote to lifelong service with a sigil in the form of a tattoo; however, the resurrection did not work out as intended. Fate admittedly foresaw this failure, and when confronted about it, blames Coyote for being foolish enough to attempt necromancy in the first place.


Fate is amiable on a surface level but is always setting people up for his personal gain. He thinks of humans as unintelligent and has a habit of holding grudges for a long time. Still, he's not malevolent, and if one is educated about the nature of fairies and how to avoid their traps, he is a rather helpful fellow. He is physically lazy.

As a fairy, Fate was born with an unshakable fixation. He is not only obsessed with collecting demonic oddities, but also loves learning about demons and their plain of existence. He cannot bring himself to care about much other than his pursuit of knowledge. He is unempathetic due to this but does not necessarily wish to cause others harm.


Dead in Desert Bleak

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When Walker is unable to sleep due to the Nightmare causing himself and those around him to wake up in fits of violence, he visits Fate for a sigil tattoo on his wrist. This causes the Nightmare's essence to be drawn into the sigil, so it can only lash out if a line is cut through the tattoo. Later on, Walker and Coyote return to borrow a relic which can guide them towards the location of the demon Bale.



Fate thinks of Coyote as another dumb human but has a soft spot for him nonetheless. Though the loose terms of their contract do not require it, Fate reimburses Coyote with a good sum of cash for each item he collects, and so Coyote has little complaints. Even if Coyote was not required to seek out a demonic trinket at least once per season, he would probably do it anyways, regardless of the risks involved. Fate enjoys Coyote's company well enough to treat him to tea and chat when he visits.

Walker Madison

They do not trust each other whatsoever, and their interactions are passive-aggressive as a result, but they are forced to work together on numerous occasions. Fate dislikes Walker's crass attitude and Walker has a bad impression of Fate, considering his deceptive tendencies. Walker also pressures Fate to break the contract with Coyote, to which Fate is extraordinarily offended.

The Gift Shop

Fate's gift shop is located in its own pocket dimension, which Fate cannot leave. However, humans can enter the dimension if the shop appears to them.

The only way to reach the gift shop, aside from mere chance, is to place an unidentified stone carved with Fate's unique sigil over a flame until it glows. Afterwards, a staircase will appear into the ground, regardless of whether this makes sense regarding the caster's location. Upon leaving the shop and letting it out of one's sight, it will disappear.

There is an incredibly small and random chance for the staircase to appear to anybody, regardless of whether they own one of Fate's sigil stones.