Delia Madison


Delia is the daughter of Walker Madison and Elaine. She is the Bahutha's latest Watchman.



Delia is a normal-looking baby with the same pale skin and black eyes as Walker, her father. Her face is wide and her hair is red with a blonde patch - just like her mother, Elaine.

This section references future events which may or may not be relevant to the canon!

As a kid, Delia loathes to be touched and hardly cares for herself, so her hair is kept short to avoid knotting. Delia always wears a dull expression that seems to provoke the other kids at school. She prefers big jeans and steals a lot of Coyote's tee shirts. Along with her school uniform, she wears a puffy jacket and leggings, as she is always cold.


Delia was chosen in utero to be a vessel for Atar, better known as a Watchman. The corruption of Delia into a proper vessel for Atar began during her first trimester of development; her mother, Elaine, died during the especially violent pregnancy.

This section references future events which may or may not be relevant to the canon!

Walker banishes Atar, bringing about a new era for the Bahutha. Though Delia is never told of her past, she is still imbued with the partial consciousness of Atar, which manifests in vivid dreams that play out the Old God's memories.

At the age of seven, Delia kills her pet hamster after it bites her. She doesn't understand why her parents are so disturbed by this. As she grows, so does her animosity towards everything around her, and her frustration at being unable to voice her literal inner demons. Often, Delia gets in trouble at school for tormenting other children. Her school is an insular private academy which specializes in children with average comprehension but unacceptable behavior.

Luella follows Delia in an adult body that Walker and Coyote do not recognize, now calling herself Felicia. Delia asks Felicia to buy her alcohol and cigarettes if she's going to creep around, and so a friendship begins between the two, but "Felicia's" intentions with the spawn of Atar are less than amiable.


This section references future events which may or may not be relevant to the canon!

For unknown reasons, Delia either won't or can't speak, except for occasional utterances which are typically nonsensical. She doesn't seem particularly curious as to her origins and is uninterested in much at all until "Felicia" presents her with supernatual opportunities. In regards to the consequences of her actions, she's only interested in how they affect herself or Coyote.


This section references future events which may or may not be relevant to the canon!

Most Bahuts have a slight attractive element to bugs, but Delia learns that she has complete control over them- specifically vermiforms (worms, centipedes, maggots, caterpillars, millipedes). Her blood congeals into a substance which the vermin gather to consume, at which point she may command them by will. This is mostly used for mischief, until Luella interferes. Delia can sense the personalities of other Bahuts upon meeting them and acquires a vague sense of their histories as if she always personally knew them. This is the main reason she fears Walker, but she doesn't understand it.


Dead in Desert Bleak

Aside from Walker's rancor, saving Delia is his primary motivation for killing Atar.

This section references future events which may or may not be relevant to the canon!

Delia proves to be a massive challenge to raise, especially for a Walker who is struggling to find his place in the mundane world. She is partial to Coyote, luckily, but he never intended to be a parent and is ill-equipped. They worry for signs of Atar in her personality and do their best to raise her as a regular child, but Delia's refusal to make her thoughts known make things uneasy.


Walker Madison

Delia is terrified of her father and avoids any contact with him, screaming any time she is held and refusing to be in the same car as him. She learns better than to scream as she gets older, but the fear develops into an active malice towards him. Delia is obedient towards Walker despite her hatred. She strictly adheres to his instructions to hide her blood from others, as she clearly does understand that she is abnormal, and that this fact can put her in danger.


Delia latches onto Coyote almost immediately; Coyote adores her and finds happiness in being a part of her life. However, since Delia and Walker cannot seem to bond, Walker begins to resent both of them for it. Coyote becomes very distressed when Delia develops increasingly worse behaviors which he is not skilled to deal with; Delia becomes increasingly more distant and antisocial as she grows older.

Luella (Felicia)

Luella is keeping a good eye on Delia for some reason.


  • Once Dead in Desert Bleak is completed, a sequel is planned to be told from the alternating points of view of both Walker and Delia.