An Apparition is the oldest classification of demon while also being the least understood. While Lux and Mud Beasts are essentially made from animal souls, Apparitions are the essense of plant life and the energy trapped within the Earth's soil.


An Apparition may appear in the form of an anomalous fruit, a shimmer in the air, or an apocalyptic disaster. In all cases, they are a stationary orb of energy that flashes in and out of existence before disappearing back into the demonic realm for what could be millennia at a time. While they are small, concentrated wisps of energy, Apparitions have a wide area of effect and have- if Julie Anne is to be believed- caused blackouts for entire cities, covered landscapes with summer snow, or rained sedative spores across her whole damn farmstead. Apparitions manifest most often in areas of high occult activity and usually do not result in negative effects unless "awakened."

The specific factor which results in the awakening of an Apparition is unknown, but it exclusively occurs during witchcraft malpractice. There have been records of witches successfully cementing an anomaly to the physical plane long enough to draw power from it, but this goes wrong more often than not. The specificities of an awakening are scarce, because after the fact, there are no survivors; only acres of ash are left as evidence.